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Acoustic Silencer & Louvres

Noise control is critical for any ventilation system, we provide design service for all kind of noise & vibration proofing products such as belows:


 Intake and Discharge Silencers

Our "MYG" silencers are mainly used in air flow intake, discharge and HVAC ductwork systems. These silencers are offered in standard dimensions, which can be readily mounted onto the existing ducting, combined with an easy calculation and selection method as well as be flexible to suit your particular requirements.


Cross-Talk Silencer

These products provide a convenient and direct method of venting air from the fan room to a corridor, another room, or continuous circulation between several rooms while achieving maximum suppression of speech and noise transmission within the air travel path. They also are important where privacy and security are essential but require a continuous flow of fresh air.


Acoustic Louvres

Model: L300 & L600 Acoustical Louver is designed for low pressure drop sound attenuation for applications where limited space is available. It using high quality materials and a comprehensive range of finishes. Standard Acoustical Louvers are of double skin construction. Both the outer and inner skins shall be made of pre-galvanized steel sheets and perforated steel sheets. we use inorganic, non-hygroscopic, non-flame, vermin proofing mineral wool of fiber glass, can be up to your required density.